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Soleia Nice Orange Liqueur 70 cl Click & collect Nice


Orange Liqueur, Soleia Nice, click and collect in Nice

An orange liqueur with a resolutely natural taste of premium fruit. The flavour is natural , powerful, slightly sweet a with a touch of citrus acidity. It may be enjoyed on its own and also lends itself to the elaboration of delicious cocktails and Spritz. Soleia is the fruit of the sun, the taste of Nice.

Come and discover the Soleia-based cocktails developed and tested by the epicureans of the Roaring 20s Cocktail Club to discover on :

Soleia Story

An artisanal orange liqueur with a natural taste of premium quality fruit and without any treatment.

Soleia, “the weather is good” in Nissart (the Nice language) is a matter of taste. This exceptional liqueur, made in Nice, is made from the excellent fruits (without treatment) of our region. The image of Soleia celebrates her identity in Nice but also our arrival in a decade of the 1920s, with a 1920s style. That’s why we took Suzanne Lenglen of the Nice Lawn Tennis club as the model for our logo.

The orange grove is situated under the windows of Picassos house in Vaullauris near Nice. You can visit the orange grove on

The scent, both olfactory and gustatory, is the most perfect expression of the fruit. Soleia is a matter of taste. Soleia, the taste of Nice.

Soleia, by the intensity of its fragrance, lends itself to the elaboration of delicious cocktails. In addition, less sweet than other liqueurs, it is really the fruit flavor that takes precedence.

Soleia is found in the cocktails of several institutions recognized by specialists in the art of mixology.


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